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Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Education, Struggle & Achievements


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Number of pages  120 Pages

Publication year   2013

Publisher              SMIU Press

About Author:

Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Vice-Chancellor SMI University Karachi

Dr. Shaikh holds PhD in Mass Communication from University of Karachi and post-doctorate from American University, Washington DC. He has also attended Fulbright Institute at University of Florida's College of Communication and Journalism at Gainesville,

USA. He has twenty seven years of teaching and working experience. His areas of interest are Freedom of Information, Print and Electronic Media, Digital Journalism and history. Dr. Shaikh has authored several books including biography Benazir Bhutto. His other titles include: Satellite Television & Social Change in Pakistan: A Case Study of Rural Sindh; Hassanally Effendi: The Founder of Sindh Madressatul Islam; A Monograph on Sindh through the Centuries & the Luminaries of the Land.

About This Book

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is credited with the creation of the largest independent Muslim state in the world in 1947. His accomplishment as a leader set into motion liberation movements all over the world and next ten to fifteen years saw emergence of more than thirty new Muslim states on the map of the world. In addition to being a great leader, he also earned professional distinction as one of the top-most lawyer in South Asia.

However, many aspects of his life are still shrouded in mystery. One such aspect is his early life and education in lights of the records and information available about him at his three alma maters. i.e. Sindh Madressatul Islam Karachi, CMS School and Lincoln's Inn, London as well as other sources.

The book takes account of his struggles in his professions and politics. It also highlights his achievements as a leader; his vision about the country he created; his last will and few glimpses of his personal life including his marriage to Rattanbaie. The volume has been enriched with pictures.

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